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7月9日這天,我們在尖沙咀 K11 select 開設了 pop-up store,取名為「爿」(讀音:辦)。


位置:尖沙咀河內道十八號 K11 一樓 K11 Select

We use “爿” as the name of our new pop-up shop in K11 Select. When you chop a piece of wood (“木”) into half, the left one becomes “爿”, and the right one becomes “片”. This shows the symmetric beauty of Chinese character, yet the word “爿” also implies it’s a fragment, a fragment of our “Final Fragments”, which is still a small shop where you can find our precious clothes and Zakka.

Location: K11 Select, L1 K11, 18 Hanoi Road Tsim Sha Tsui